Zohra & Buddy

Dear class,

Yesterday I went to Zohra's birthday at KFC. We played on
  swings and enjoyed a lot .We did friendship with some other children.After that
  Zohra's father came and brought the cake .It was chocolate chip cake.We ate the
  cake and all people gave her different gifts.

Then we went back home and
  played with her pet dog named Champ. It ate dog cookies. Later on, we played
  with her small bird named Paroo  It ate seeds. Finally we all slept in the
Next day we went to school and had music lesson. All of the
children  sang songs to wish Zohra Happy birthday.

your loving

Dear class,
I had so much fun with Eman Munawar. We went outside in the park
  for cycling. We played hide and seek with Eman’s sister. We looked for
different  types of insects and went back home at 7 pm.
Next day I went to
school with  Eman. They had a special assembly related to Pakistan day. Children
wore their  national dresses and sung national songs. They made doll house and
parking area  in their club activity. It was great fun. Today I will go with
Zohra  Batool

Ibrahim & Buddy

Dear class,
Today I went with Ibrahim Jafri .He
  lives in Askari colony located in Cantt area Multan. It is a beautiful colony
  .In the evening we played with his pet parrot and took a round of city. Multan
  is called " city of saints ".It is famous for its mangoes and multani sohn
halwa  .There are shrines of Shahsham Tabrez , Shahruknai-e-alam and Bahauddin
zakariya  .
The people of this city are very friendly and courteous. At night
we ate  dahi bhalays and spicy ribs.when we came back we did cycling and fed his
pets.I  had a fun time at ibrahim's place.



Hi friends today I was with Alishba . We     Went for shopping after
  school.  Alishba bought some new dresses for me and then she also bought some
  chocolates for me. We had lot of fun on our way back home.

Hi friends today I was with Saadullah.We went to his grandfather's farm . There I
  saw birds and tall huge trees. I was happy in natural environment. There were
  many animals like chicks, ducks, goats and a fish pond too. Later, we ate home
  made tasty food. On my way back home I saw bull carts , rickshaws and camels.
  People were sitting on them . It was great fun to see all this and it was a
  wonderful experience.
Your friend

Celebrating Pakistan Day
Dear Brandi,

We celebrated Pakistan Day on 23rd March at our Campus.
  Children sang national song and made a pledge to take responsible steps towards
  making Pakistan a prosperous country. Children wanted to share the pics with
all  of you.

Asifa Tareen,
Senior Mistress,
Colony  Campus, Multan.
Mob. No.: 0346-4811148

Hi friends today I was with Hasnain  at school.everyone celebrated Pakistan
  day.children were dressed up in shalwar kameez .We had a quiz in the
assembly.we  were told that this day is special because the Lahore resolution
was passed and  it had the importance regarding pakistani. They celebrate this
day every year  with great keenness and interest.
Your friend

Ibrahim & Buddy
Yesterday, I was very excited because I was going with Ibrahim to see a cricket
  match. Match had to start at 9:00 and we reached there at 8:30. the stadium was
  full of audience. they were also very excited because the match was between
  India and Pakistan. We had drinks and burgars with us. During the match, we ate
  it. On the first ball, Pakistani player was out and we all became sad. Then our
  players played well and we won. we came back home happily.


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Hi friends ,I and Usman went to see
a cricket match with his family.we
  supported our team.The crowd was very excited too.Our team won the match and we
  were very happy.Finally we went back home.
Miss you

Dear class,

Today on 21st March, I was with Taimour Ii had fun with him at
  school.We made kites in the club activity and also enjoyed flying them.It was
  totally a new experience for me.
Miss u Ted