Dear Class,

March 2, 2013- Saturday was Ben
  Fitterer's birthday. We had to go to his 9:30 am soccer game. He lost. Then we
  opened presents. He got a basketball, a soccer statue and more. Then we had
  breakfast. Next, we went to a place called Sky Zone. It was so much fun! We
came  back for dinner and watched a movie and went to bed.

March 3,
2013- We  woke up and ate breakfast and decorated for Ben's party. After that,
he went to  a speed and agility class. After that it was party time. I got to go
to the  party. Ok, it was a lot of fun and the party is now over. I played so
many games  at his party. We ate dinner and then went to bed.

Bye for


I got to jump on trampolines at Skyzone.

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