Hi everyone!  We have arrived in Shawnee, Kansas. We are
  really enjoying ourselves. We have gotten to hang out with 22 wonderful third
  graders. This week, we met Miss Brown, the Prairie Ridge Elementary School
  Counselor. We were in a lesson about goal setting. We set a goal of being kind
  to everyone and treating others like you would want to be treated. After
  counseling, we went to library class. We met Mrs. Luschen. She read us a really
  cool book. From there, we went to computers. We met Mrs. Carter and even got to
  practice typing on the computer. We played in the snow at recess and had a
  wonderful lunch. We love hanging out with Mrs. Leggett's class at Prairie

Miss you all,

Billu & Pappu

Billu & Pappu with the counselor, Miss Brown
Billu & Pappu reading with our librarian, Mrs. Luschen.
Billu & Pappu met our computer teacher, Mrs Carter
Billu & Pappu arrived to a suprise, SNOW in March!
Billu & Pappu's behavior was so they good that they clipped all the way to the top at lunch!

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