Macayla & Billu
Dear Class,


I am at Macayla’s house. I got to make a snow fort. We
  watched tv after we got home from Mad Science. We learned magic tricks like
  adding water to flowers and making things disappear and more fun magic tricks.
I  miss you guys in Pakistan. I can’t wait to see you again. So far, since I
have  come to the USA, I have been in one school and three houses. In Mrs.
Leggett’s  class yesterday, I went to the library and computer lab and got to
eat in the  cafeteria. We had a late lunch at 12:30 pm. Well, I’ll see you soon.
I have to  wait at a bus stop and wait for the bus to come.


Later on, Macayla and I read a book and make snow slides,
but  didn’t go down them. They were too hard and wet. I met Macayla’s friend,
Grace.  She is nice and funny. I rode the bus back to school to get back to Mrs.
  Leggett’s classroom.





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