Dear Class,


I just went to Paiten’s house. I met her mom, Theresa, dad,
  Steve, sister, Ashton, and her two dogs and hamster. When we got home from
  school, we got out swimming suits on. Then Meredith came over. It was awesome.
  After that, we went to swim team and did warmups. We swam so many different
  strokes. After that, we got our pj’s on and went to bed. In the morning, we had
  a big breakfast. We had eggs and a Poptart. Then, I went to school. I forgot
the  way so Paiten and her friends had to guide me. Now I’m back in the
classroom and  someone else will take me home.


Your Friend,



Billu at Aidan's house
Dear Class,

I was helping Aidan study for his reading state assessments
  and got distracted by the bear on the Internet. We played on his iPod and
  computer. We watched youTube videos and played Mindcraft.



Dear Class,

On March 3, we had a sleepover on Friday where we played
  games and watched movies. I went to dinner with Jack Davis's grandma and
grandpa  at Bulca De Beppo. I made friends with Jack's dog, Thatcher and his
cat, Willie.  It was Jack's birthday. I had a lot of fun.



Dear Class,

March 2, 2013- Saturday was Ben
  Fitterer's birthday. We had to go to his 9:30 am soccer game. He lost. Then we
  opened presents. He got a basketball, a soccer statue and more. Then we had
  breakfast. Next, we went to a place called Sky Zone. It was so much fun! We
came  back for dinner and watched a movie and went to bed.

March 3,
2013- We  woke up and ate breakfast and decorated for Ben's party. After that,
he went to  a speed and agility class. After that it was party time. I got to go
to the  party. Ok, it was a lot of fun and the party is now over. I played so
many games  at his party. We ate dinner and then went to bed.

Bye for


I got to jump on trampolines at Skyzone.
Hi everyone!  We have arrived in Shawnee, Kansas. We are
  really enjoying ourselves. We have gotten to hang out with 22 wonderful third
  graders. This week, we met Miss Brown, the Prairie Ridge Elementary School
  Counselor. We were in a lesson about goal setting. We set a goal of being kind
  to everyone and treating others like you would want to be treated. After
  counseling, we went to library class. We met Mrs. Luschen. She read us a really
  cool book. From there, we went to computers. We met Mrs. Carter and even got to
  practice typing on the computer. We played in the snow at recess and had a
  wonderful lunch. We love hanging out with Mrs. Leggett's class at Prairie

Miss you all,

Billu & Pappu

Billu & Pappu with the counselor, Miss Brown
Billu & Pappu reading with our librarian, Mrs. Luschen.
Billu & Pappu met our computer teacher, Mrs Carter
Billu & Pappu arrived to a suprise, SNOW in March!
Billu & Pappu's behavior was so they good that they clipped all the way to the top at lunch!